23 January 2013

Commercalisation Australia showcases CapturePlan

CapturePlan has been featured on the Commercialisation Australia website for our participation in the Advance forum here where we were awarded as the "most investable company"

1 February 2012

Beacon TourGuide Released

CapturePlan announces the availability of the Beacon TourGuide platform. TourGuide leverages the Beacon Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to provide real time navigation, friend location, event schedules and interactive content to enhance the visitor experience at indoor attractions such as Museums and Art Galleries.

13 April 2011

CapturePlan awarded a Commercialisation Australia grant

CapturePlan has developed the Beacon indoor positioning system that tracks smart phones and customized tags for indoor locations in which GPS cannot operate. Commercialisation Australia will fund proof of concept testing for different functionality in various key markets using reference sites including security, command and control in a shopping mall, store mapping and asset management in a supermarket chain and in store product feature and benefit delivery for a pharmaceutical chain.

17 June 2010

Beacon Indoor Positioning System

The Beacon IPS is now available. Beacon allows the position of a consumer to be determined to an accuracy of 2.5m. When combined with a Dominion virtual store Beacon can locate a consumer and their proximity to products and categories, record consumer behaviour and metrics as well as deliver location specific targeted advertising via a smart phone shopping list application.

12 March 2010

Dominion Kiosks

A modified Dominion client is now available to run in Kiosk mode. This allows the installation of in store terminals with product finder features. The user enters the category or product they are looking for and the kiosk will take them on a virtual journey from their current location to the requested product. Finding products on your store shelves has never been easier.

Kiosk Example

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